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Blood Systems (BSI) is one of the oldest and largest community non-profit blood service providers in the United States. Blood System's mission involves 1) collection, processing and testing of voluntary blood donations; 2) provision of a safe and adequate supply of blood components and services to healthcare organizations and communities; and 3) conducting scientific and medical research in the fields of blood services and transfusion medicine.

Blood Systems is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, has 4 700 employees, and an annual operating budget of over $630 million (2009 data). The organization has 4 major divisions. The Blood Centers Division (BCD) is a network of 17 regional blood centers and 57 community donor centers that collect over 1.3 million whole blood and apheresis donations annually; these components are distributed to 550 hospitals in a geographic area covering one-third of the United States. Creative Testing Solutions (CTS), a recently established non-profit subsidiary comprised of BSI’s previous Blood Systems Laboratory (BSL) division and Florida Blood Services (FBS) donor testing lab, consists of three state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Tempe, AZ, Bedford, TX and St. Petersburg, FL. These laboratories perform routine donor screening and supplemental testing (infectious disease serology, RBC serology, nucleic acid amplification tests) on ~4.2 million donations per year for BSI, FBS and ~70 client blood centers and hospital donor collection programs.

Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI) is the division of BSI responsible for research and policy development. BSRI is dedicated to advancing blood safety worldwide through scientific research, education and the promotion of evidence-based policies (Mission Statement). Relevant to the CEPHIA project, the Repository and Reference Laboratory Core manages repository functions and coordinates/performs testing for a large number of clinical projects, including numerous National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded national and international studies of HIV, HCV, WNV and DENV infected donors; this group interacts extensively with the Special Testing and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories at CTS, coordinating specimen transport, testing and data analyses for numerous projects.