Management Meeting, Seattle, 9-10 March 2012

On 9-10 March 2012, the CEPHIA Management Team met at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle. A number of management topics were discussed, and the principal investigators presented an update on the project to representatives of the Foundation.

The following CEPHIA members and collaborators attended the management meeting (photo): Christine Rousseau, Gary Murphy, Mike Busch, Chris Pilcher, Alex Welte, Sheila Keating, Elaine McKinney, Shelly Facente, Reshma Kassanjee, Bharat Parekh.

The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

  • The CEPHIA repository and panels: The qualification panel composition and the composition of future panels, the inclusion of additional specimens, and the provision of information about the repository and panels on the website.
  • Some preliminary views of the first data from testing of the qualification panels.
  • Future plans of the repository and project.
  • Incidence estimation methodology: The incidence estimator and required inputs.
  • Data analysis plans: Data integrity, analysis plans and discussion on the use of results to select assays to further investigate.
  • Testing: Testing of qualification panel specimens, testing sites, laboratory procedures and equipment, quality controls specimens, results reproducibility and data reporting.
  • The possible inclusion of further assays, including rapid tests.

The following presentations were given:

  • Data analysis (Reshma Kassanjee)
  • Limiting Antigen Assay (Bharat Parekh)
  • Geenius BioRad (Chris Bentson)
  • CEPHIA update to BMFG (Gary Murphy, Chris Pilcher, Mike Busch, Alex Welte)