Management Meeting, Stellenbosch, 5-9 May 2014

On 5-9 May 2014, members of the CEPHIA Management Team met at SACEMA, Stellenbosch. Various topics were discussed.

The following CEPHIA members and collaborators attended the management meeting: Alex Welte, Sheila Keating, Shelly Facente, Reshma Kassanjee, Hilmarie Brand, David Matten.


The following topics were covered at the meeting:

  • Finalizing the SOPs for BioRad Avidity, Sedia Insert LAg, Sedia Insert BED, LS-Vitros, Vitros Avidity. These are now available here.
  • Revision of clinical data, specimen movement and aliquotting formats.
  • Updates to clinical data, specimen movement and aliquotting information.
  • Details about new specimen types moving into CEPHIA 2.
  • Reviewed in detail the online booking system for future panel pull lists.
  • A series of CEPHIA website updates.
  • Revised elite controller rulings.
  • Discussion surrounding the blue books.
  • Resolved the calculation of Fiebig staging and adjustments to MDRI calculations based on clarified testing history.



Group photo, left lower to top right:

Sheila Keating, David Matten, Shelly Facente, Reshma Kassanjee, Hilmarie Brand.

Photographer: Alex Welte