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The Health Protection Agency became part of Public Health England (PHE) on 1 April 2013. PHE was established to bring together public health specialists from more than 70 organisations into a single public health service. 

PHE's Virus Reference Department (VRD) has a staff of approximately 120 and is a national and international reference centre for a wide range of virus infections. The department is made up of ten units and contains WHO accredited national laboratories for influenza, poliovirus and measles, and in addition, houses a WHO Global and Specialised HIV Drug Resistant Laboratory.

PHE has an Advisory Board with a non-executive Chairman and non-executive members. Our employees are scientists, researchers, public health professionals and essential support staff. We have 15 local centres and 4 regions (north of England, south of England, Midlands and east of England, and London).

We work transparently, proactively providing government, local government, the NHS, MPs, industry, public health professionals and the public with evidence-based professional, scientific expertise and advice. 

We ensure there are effective arrangements in place nationally and locally for preparing, planning and responding to health protection concerns and emergencies, including the future impact of climate change. We provide specialist health protection, epidemiology and microbiology services across England.

The CEPHIA project will be based at the the Centre for Infection in North West London. This is a secure purpose built centre for infectious disease containing laboratory space from Category 2 through to Category 4 and associated support facilities. The work will be performed within the Seromolecular Services laboratory, which is part of the Virus Reference Department. This department holds reference laboratory status with the WHO (HIV reference services, HIV anti-viral resistance testing, influenza testing, etc) and is licensed by the Clinical Pathology Association.

Public Health England.