Steering Committee Meeting, London, 11-12 April 2011

On 11-12 April 2011, the CEPHIA management team, project advisory group, and representatives from the funders met at the Health Protection Agency in Colindale, London.

The following CEPHIA members attended the meeting: Christine Rousseau, Gary Murphy, Mike Busch, Chris Pilcher, Alex Welte, Elaine McKinney, Shelia Keating, Tom McWalter, Tom Quinn, Connie Sexton, Txema Garcia Calleja, Anatoli Kamali (unable to attend: Shelly Facente, Reshma Kassanjee, Paula Akugizibwe, Tim Hallett, Jill Gilmour).

The first day of the meeting focused on the following topics:

  • Specimen repository: The repository and the suppliers, with discussion on numerous logistical aspects (such as specimen transfer, aliquotting, labelling and reporting).
  • Testing protocols: The Sample Management Strategy to be compiled and adopted, and quality controls for laboratory testing.
  • Assay selection: The selection of the first assays to be assessed using the qualification panels.

The second day of the meeting focused on:

  • Information flow: The flow of information between members of the CEPHIA management team; between the management team and the advisory group; and from CEPHIA to interested organisations and the public, through the website and various reports and publications.

The following presentations were given:

  • Specimen repository (Chris Pilcher)
  • ECDC and UK projects (Valerie Delpech)
  • CDC update (Connie Sexton)
  • WHO update (Txema Garcia Calleja)
  • Data analysis (Alex Welte and Tom McWalter )