CEPHIA team member Reshma Kassanjee receives Ph.D. from Wits University for pioneering thesis entitled “Characterisation and Application of Tests for Recent Infection for HIV Incidence Surveillance”.

For long-enduring illnesses like HIV, incidence (i.e. the rate of occurrence of new cases of HIV in a population) is much more informative than prevalence (the proportion of a population which has a condition at some point in time). Unfortunately, incidence is also much harder to estimate. This thesis lays the foundation for the entire field of using biomarkers for ‘recent HIV infection’ as indicators for HIV incidence. In the words of one examiner: ‘it is rare that work presented in a dissertation has already received such acceptance by practitioners’.


Click here for a copy of the dissertation (required reading for anyone wanting to be up to speed on biomarker based incidence estimation)


Click here for recent press announcement about paper in AIDS lead authored by Reshma Kassanjee